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I already have mydmx and a small notebook! I just find it a pain in use (not programming). Several times I used it, Windows crashed halfway through the evening. I want something I can fully rely on and not have to worry about. I have actually been transferring my shows from mydmx to the Partner which is more stable (than Windows) but limited in it's capabilities, so I was thinking a smallish controller might better suit my needs. I like the look of the 260 since it has a few preprogrammed moves suitable for my moving heads & if I can still control my panels & laser and still have the capacity to expand I thought it a better way to go.
Perhaps the magic 260 is suitable for you then. You should be able to control the laser and LED panel as long as the channels for the fixture go no greater than 16 DMX channels. I have one of these consoles and they are not bad. i used to use them occasionally with 2 accu spot PRO's From ADJ when I had them available to me as demo gear. I can no longer use the magic 260 cause i have two design spot 300E's which are 21 channels each. Hope this helps you.
Cheers James,

I have 4 x XMoves (plus) - would profiles for these be available for the 260?
I also have 2 x Megapanels which are switchable between 2,3,4,5,6,7, 14 & 26 Channels!
Also 1x LEDJ uv Stage Wash - 2 Channel dmx.
The laser is a Laser-Uk Club Scene which I will not be "dmxing" until a later date if at all.
And finally an American DJ Nucleus, which again i am unlike to control by dmx other than to turn it on or off.
Is it simple to create custom profiles and MUST i purchase a SPECIAL USB memory stick or can I use any?

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