MyDMX2.0 Easy View 3D Will Release Late 2013!!! We will release the 3D as soon as it is stable and reliable. We are sorry for the delay on this.

Due to the complete redesign of the MyDmx program from 1.0 to 2.0, we are unable to use the older 3D interface. We will have to start from scratch. The full process will take us into late 2013. Our Design team is working as fast as they can with this, however, it will take some time. Again we are sorry for the delay
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There is on the old software page. But the MyDMX 1 and 2 are pretty incompatible. There will never be a 3D view. I suggest trying to return or resell your copy of MyDMX and switching to another similar product. Like Show XPress or Martin's new software.
hi guys, last week i saw on youtube a video using software 1.0 with dongle 1 & 2 (working), so yesterday i got installed on a 64 bit DELL Laptop MyDMX 1.0 with dongle to, after having a few problems with drivers my laptop with Windows 7 Professional recognized all of them, finally I'm running mydmx 1.0 with dongle 2 perfectly working, i did some scenes on 3d visualizer and then connected to all lights ( 20 slimpar 56 ) and yeah it works..

ill be working with the rest of my lights this week and comment what happens
Yeah, it is!! , im doing some scenes with all lights:

- 6 colorstrips
- 4 intimidator spot led 250
- 2 strobe tablets
- 20 slimpar
- smoke machine
- 1 blue laser
- 1 red and green laser

Next weekend im going to install all the setup and comment

( i cant find the blue laser on mydmx 1.0 its from mrDJ USA, anybody knows where to find the files ? ) tnx
I Have been waiting more than one year for the 3D viewer. I really feel that ADJ are not taking there loyal customers seriosly. We have payd for the 3D. It was named on the box!!!

And why do ADJ not update us (paying customers) about the Progress?

Hope U sleep well ADJ!!!
Hi Henrik,

Don't take it personal: 3D viewer was only available for Windows version. It was supposed to be added later for Mac users. When I bought the Mac version I knew there was no 3D viewer in the bundle because I read the all description before choosing. I did not expect it because I am one of those old school user who learned the light control principles on good old fashion analog consoles. Some of them had only 12 cursors to drive 512 DMX channels. Everything was a matter of skill and a good mind vision before hands and fingers on cursors. MyDMX2 is far more easy to use. And much faster in setting complex scenes ! Compare price and results ...

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