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New member to forum from Australia, and hoping someone might be able to provide some advice for me.

I'm in a small covers band and in charge of lights. I have been using Vibrio on iOS to run a pair of ADJ Ultra Hex Par 3 light bars (8 fixtures) as washes for the band, using a Chauvet AN-2 over wi-fi. No problems - all working well in 8 channel mode, with fixtures each assigned to one of 2 addresses.

I've recently obtained a near mint ADJ Dotz TPar System to use as a rear set of lights. All of the programs and features work well in auto run and sound modes, along with the foot controller.

However once I put it into DMX mode and try to integrate into Vibrio, with fresh new DMX cables, everything falls apart. Aside from no control over the Dotz TPar in any of the available channel modes starting at an appropriate DMX address, the Ultra Hex fixtures then drop out aside from 2 fixtures, which don't respond correctly anyway. Lots of flickering etc.

Disconnect the Dotz from DMX output of the last Ultra Hex, and all the Ultra Hex's immediately return to normal behaviour.

I'm confident the cables are fine, and DMX addresses and channel modes are correct on Vibrio and on the Dotz. Have read all associated manuals thoroughly.

Have a gig next weekend, so would really appreciate and advice if it's out there.

Thanks in advance.

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