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I have been using MyDMX 3.0 for a while now, and it has always worked great. I used to run it to an Enttec D-Split 512-Ch DMX Splitter/Isolator, and everything worked perfectly. However, the splitter broke, so I replaced it with a blizzard pipeline dmx distributor. This is where I found myself running into a problem. If the MyDMX 3.0 dongle is connected to the splitter when I power up the computer, it fails to recognize the dongle. I have to disconnect the splitter(I can leave the dmx cable plugged in to the dongle) then unplug the usb power for the dongle. After I reconnect the usb cable (Splitter still disconnected) the dongle starts up just how it is supposed to. I can then plug the splitter back in and everything works great. It's just for some reason I cannot figure out a way to get the computer to recognize the dongle on initial boot up without unplugging things.

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I have tried it every way I could think of. It doesn't matter if the splitter is on or off, if the cable is connected from the dongle to the splitter upon bootup it will not work. The most efficient and reliable bootup process I have found to work is:

have usb cable from computer to dongle connected on both ends, and have the dmx cable for the splitter plugged into the dongle, but not the splitter. As soon as the computer boots up I see the indicator on the dongel show either "01" or "pc". At that point I can plug in the dmx cable to the splitter and everything will work appropriately(regardless if it is on/off or if the fixtures are on/off) .

I just reached out to blizzard support, and am waiting to see what they say. It seems like it is causing an error on the MyDMX 3 when booted, and while it does seem it is caused by the blizzard, I feel like it is an issue with the way the dongle is handling the error. I think this is the problem because as soon as I disconnect from the splitter and reboot it starts fine then I can reconnect without making any changes to the splitter or any lights and it still works. Just seems to be the way it handles the error from the splitter. However, I will wait and see what blizzard might suggest.

Okay, Blizzard support responded and said that the splitter I am using is just a basic splitter and shouldn't have any effect on it. Probably should have done this a while ago, but I decided to see if there was a specific chain that was causing the issue. To do this I bypassed the splitter and ran each individual dmx chain to the dongle one at a time. I ended up finding one specific path that seems to be causing the issue. It is connected to the house lights which are ran by and old unison dimmer control module. This is speculation, but I imagine there is some sort of feedback or conflicting dmx signal that is being sent upwards to the dongle from the dimmer control module, and when the dongle gets it on boot up it doesn't know what to do. Any ideas on way to alleviate this at the dongle with some sort of setting or anything else?

I don't know exactly how it would be labeled, but I can gurantee that it is designed to be controlled via standard DMX. I think the problem lies with the fact that I had that signal routed on the 5 pin thru port of the blizzard splitter, which I don't think is isolated. The 3 pin main outputs of the splitter are isolated(just like the enttec splitter that used to work) so I have ordered a 5pin to 3pin turn around so I can use the main outputs of the splitter. I imagine this will fix the issue. I figured that the MyDMX 3 dongle would have had built in isolation on its ports, but after looking real quick I haven't seen anything that insinuates that it does.

Thanks for all the quick responses and direction in diagnosing this issue. I am happy to finally have and idea on how to permanently resolve this issue.

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