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Whatsup everyone.

I recently purchased a pair of psx2's and am loving them.

A few days ago I started getting distortion on songs 2-5 from a burnt disk. When I used the original disk I copied from.....the songs did not have the distortion. I was reading on the forum about the overheating, but I don't think it overheated because I had just turned the cdj on. I made another copy and of the same disk and this one didn't get distorted. At this point I thought...maybe it was just the one disk that copied with errors.

Then the next day I copied a different cd and it also had the same distortion in songs 2-5.

So today I was reading on the forum and noticed that someone mentioned that it happened to them from burning at high speeds. I have been recording at 24X.

My whole thing is...I started getting these promo cd's mailed to me every month. They only send one original. I like to keep the original as the "master copy." I burn two copies two use for juggling, mixing, etc. etc.

My question is, what speed do you guys burn your cd's at?

Any other suggestions on what I should do to avoid this problem?

Thank you for your time.


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