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I was playing the other night for about 200 middle schoolers and when we were setting up I opened the trays and popped in a few cd's cause we have to hear a little something while we setup. Anyways, the left side would not play cd's.
We tried several times powering down and powering up and still nothing on that side. Other side was not the quickest and i attributed that to the extreme cold, but the left never got better.
It would read the tracks and times of the tracks, but not give playback or a consistent counter when i hit play.
I hooked up a backup and made due for that night.
I get home and rol the console out and plug and play right away thinking it might have been fog on the lens. and it works just fine. no problems to be found.

Has this happened to anyone before, is it the cold weather? I used a brush style lens cleaner thinking that would clear off the lens that night but it didn't help.
Is this something i have to worry about again? or just a little glitch?
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1) Don't use those brush cleaners, as they can knock the laser out of allignment.
2) When bringing your gear inside (especially from extreme cold). IT is always good practice to let the gear come up to room temperature on it's own before powering any of it up (approx 20 minutes) You could have had "fog", ice crystals or condessation on the lens, that made it act goofey.
3) Just double checking, it wasn't an MP3 CD was it? I have put an MP3 CD inside of my CDI's once, just to see what would happen. It actually gave me a track number, and time readout, and if I hit play the time would count, but nothing would play. Neat huh?
pretty sure it might have been the fact that yes it was a fast start. Due to the fact that it was Snowing, we got there with about a half hour to setup, so there was no time to let things warm up. I'll factor that in next time,

but I've never heard of brushes knocking it off track???? that happen often? I used the type with 5 little brushes placed around the disc and not the one with a long line of them that hit the lens at once. Would it make a difference?

Anyways thanks for the raply, i am sure it wasn't an mp3, or at least i'm sure the second and third discs weren't Wink

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