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I have the exact same issue this morning.  I plugged it into my laptop after having not used it in about 2 months.  It connected up just fine at first.  After reconnecting it, now it goes into CRP DISABLD mode and all I see is the firmware.bin file.  This is totally unacceptable.  Need a solution to resolve this ASAP.  Hardware manager is useless as it can't connect to the device.  Need to know what firmware to drop in.

they responded to me this

"It indicates that the bootloader was wiped and it will need to be serviced.
Sadly, it's not something you can fix yourself."

i asked if they could provide me an firmware.bin that could fix the device but they said "We don't have those available, sorry."

so sadly i have to buy another device, because they didn't gave me another option

Yeah, that is complete BS.  The firmware is in the Hardware Manager software (and I think the bootloader software as well).  They just need to tell you which specific firmware maps to the mydmx device as hardware manager has several device's firmware in the distribution.  How old was your unit?  Mine was purchased in September.

I want to know how on earth the firmware and bootloader gets wiped by plugging it in and starting MyDMX?  Until that can be explained and fixed, you run the high risk of it happening again on the replacement.

I am very much considering moving to a different interface and never buying another ADJ product again.  Between the interface and software, I am out $350 and haven't even used it yet.

Your warranty process still involves paying to send in the broken unit, waiting some unknown period of time, and then hoping it works and doesn't die again since you can't explain why it died in the first place.  When you have to use it in 2 weeks for a show, that doesn't leave me with many options except to hope for the best and start reviewing other devices to eventually replace it.

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