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I have just received a new pair of Radius 3000s. I want to use them in normal CD mode with my Behinger DDM4000 mixer but also as controllers for Traktor. I figure I can set each player to use a different MIDI channel if needed.

My problem is that the laptop often does not see the Radius 3000s. Sometimes when I plug a player into a USB port it says that the device is unknown - sometimes is recognises it as a Radius 3000. I have managed to get each player connected and sending MIDI signals but I can't get them both working at the same time.

Is there a special driver I need to install for this or can I not use two Radius 3000s on the same laptop? I am sure I have seen other people doing this.


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The problem could be you USB ports. Make sure your drivers are up to date. Does the error happen on just one port or all of them? I have the same set up,2 x 3000's DDM4000, Traktor scratch duo, audio 4 sound card. I,ve got an amended TSI which works great so I don't use the time code CD's. My laptop is running windows 7 but only has one USB 2 port which has to be used by the sound card. I've got just under 1tb of music so I'm going to install a pc in to my amp rack to save carrying a laptop and external drive, which so often die. Luckily I found some recovery software that allowed me to retrieve the music although some files were damaged.
Anyway as a new member I'll be post my progress regularly so keep an eye on my post. I may even post to youtube

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