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I bought two second-hand ADJ Flash Kling Batten  (40 x 4 led panel) which have the particularity of being directly connected by RJ-45 ArtNet cable and not having a configuration panel with keypad.

I find very little information on the Net about these discontinued led bars:

I need to configure them to change the universe and/or IP address range.

Currently, these panels react in the same way by responding to the Broadcast address, reproducing the same matrix pattern.

My current setup works with an ArtNet hub (Showtec NET 2/3 Pocket) with two DMX universes 2 and 3

ADJ 6-page manual states that you must use Artist License's DMX-Workshop tool to configure the network of these fixtures.

I downloaded the DMX-Workshop but it does not identify the ADJ panels, while it recognizes the Showtec NET 2/3 hub.

Can you help me configure my ADJ Flash Kling Batten?

Is there another free utility to configure these panels, maybe with KlingNet protocol ?

Thank you

Best regards


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