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My Moving Heads work great on their own and respond to all inputs.

But if I combine them with my Led Strips (24 led 3w wall washer), the Strobe and various effects don't go.

They still react to changes in Color.

But also limiting the illuminated area is not possible.

All devices are from u-king.

Can someone help me?

Firmware is up do date.

Thanks Tom

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Those moving heads are running some sort of auto program, while they are doing that, what channels are on if you go and look at the fixtures area.
Also be sure that those movers are in the same channel mode as what they are patched as, i know those small RGBW movers have like a 9 or 7ch or 14ch mode, and if you patched them as say 9ch, but they are actually in 7ch, there's a lot that wont match up right. Make sense?

hmmmm ok so maybe it is data line issue....... are you going from GO to one of the moving head fixtures first or the LED bar first?
Try going from GO to each fixture one by one adding a cable each time and see if the issue stays or follows.
Also are you using DMX cable or mic cable? There IS a major difference, DMX should be DMX cable.. Also try a terminator in the last fixture. 

I have already swapped all the cables (in my opinion DMX), swapped all the positions of the devices with each other and, of course, built in a terminal resistor.

if I combine the moving heads with my simple RGB spotlights, the moving heads work perfectly, but the spotlights then do not react to the programs and color settings.

somehow the worm is in there?

the next observation I made.

In the settings, the app only ever adopts the number of channels that the spotlight with the fewest channels has. In other words, I can only select 7 channels, for example, even if the MovingHead has 14.

the automatic channel assignment still shows me the originally selected channels in the menu on the left. for example moving head from 1 to 14, from 15 to 29.

Well, if I set the channels on the headlights that the app has automatically assigned, almost everything works.

more is probably not possible at the moment.

many thanks to those who tried to help me anyway.

If there are multiple modes available you should def. be able to access them via the Mode area BUT you have to do it BEFORE you patch the fixture, if not then you need to delete it and re-patch it.
Likewise patching a fixture into the wrong mode while the actual fixture is patched to a different mode will most certainly seem like some functions are not working properly.

I put on all spotlights with the maximum number of channels.

this number is automatically reduced as soon as I add a new headlight with fewer channels.

I start with the Led strip 24 channels. these decrease to 14 when I add the moving heads.

Finally, the RGB spotlights come with only 7 channels and I can only select 7 channels in the mode selection on all types.

it doesn't change anything if I add and update all headlight groups individually. Finally, there are only 7 channels left in the mode selection for all headlights.

but ... everything works except for the strobing effect on the led bar.

hmmm ya, still sounds like an issue with either the bar itself or the cables or something...... it's def. data line related......  or problem with the strobe controller part of that fixture when too much data is going through it?
I'd keep the same set up and try one other light instead of the strobe to see if its cables or what. But if you don't own anymore fixtures, you prob can't test that...

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