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I have 2 MyDMX 3.0 interfaces. the first one which I purchased in 2019 works perfectly with no issues and I had no trouble setting it up. Recently, I purchased a second one that apparently needs a firmware update.

So, I opened hardware manager to update the firmware and I got an error saying that I needed to update my hardware manager. I proceeded to try to update using the April 2019 version that I already had installed and all went well until I actually tried to update the firmware. I got an error XHL 65.

Then I proceeded to download the latest version of hardware manager and try this whole thing again... which opened a whole new can of worms. First, I had to allow hardware manager access to the internet in my firewall settings because I kept getting "You must be connected to internet for perform this upgrade." Upon further research of the problem I found that others had issues with hardware manager connecting to the internet until the added UDP port 2430 to their firewall whitelist. So I added this as well.

At this point, I don't know what else to do... MyDMX 3.0 will not connect to this new interface from my pc or my pastor's macbook.

Does anyone have any suggestions so that we can start using this new interface?


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Hi, it's current having issues on Mac and older windows releases, you really should be using Windows 10 by this point, looking at your screenshots i'm going ot guess you are on windows 7 or Vista, which is too old and soon we won't be able to support anything prior to windows 10.

So please use a windows 10 machine to at least upgrade the firmware.

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