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Hi james, i've checked a long the profile u maked. In my moving head only 18ch mode exist, not 14ch. mode.(if u want u can delete 14ch mode)
About fixture there's something wrong:
ch5: is PAN
ch6: is TILT > u maked MICRO PAN
ch7: is Pan fine > u maked TILT
ch8: is Tilt fine > u maked MICRO TILT

Yesterday when i tested Mydmx2.0 May version it happened that the moving heads didn't work with TILT movement and something software will freezed on my MAC.

Please, let me know what u make to help me.

Ciao James
James there's something to adjust still.
About CH 5/6/7/8 it all OK, but i think that u need to check all each others channels.

In Scene builder on Shutter wheel, when i press SHUTTER closed it doesn't work (black point); "Random strobe with decreasing speed" command i can't find it.

There isn't RESET/Shutter OFF wheel (with all functions) and on the 3th Fader (in manual mode) it doesn't work (yesterday for example i tried to lamp off, but nothing)

Missing GOBO effect wheel (with all functions)

Missing PRISM & PRISM rotation wheels (with all functions)

Missing ZOOM & ZOOM fine wheels (with all functions)

Missing FROST wheels (with all functions)

Please James, could u help me ? Smiler
Many thanks my friend.


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