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Hey Guys, I am in the process of purchasing mydmx so i am playing around with the software and getting my profiles in order. I came across 3 profiles that are not in the library already. I am going to work on 2 of them myself and see how I do with the editor, but the third I see you have already done for someone else, so I would much rather get it from you since I know it will be right then.

The one I am looking for is the VEI Novascan 250-1.

Any help on that profile would be great!

I'm Sorry my English is not so good..(Dutch Guy)Big Grin

I own the mydmx controller now for a week.
And i want to Connect my Sunstar Wash 575 Moving heads to it, But they are not in the list of the software do you have any profiles of this fixture?

And i also have a Showtec Jumbo strobe (3000 Watts) thas not in the list and a RUIQI LASER (RD-350).

So Please do you have any profiles of these lights? Or a program zo i can program in a simple way what this fixure does.

I give you A list of de things that de moving head can do.

1 color wheel (cyaan)
2 color wheel ( magenta)
3 color wheel ( Yellow)
4 strobe
5 Pan
6 Tilt
7 X speed
8 Y speed
9 color
10 Vague Lens
11 Focus
12 Dimmer
13 Reset

[EDIT] I've saw the movie on youtube about creating your on fixture setup's but i cannot find the program....

Could you guys help me Please.
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I allready have the latest version.
But they are still not in there.
Are there no programs such as elation Light software that you can program you fixture in a extention that Mydmx needs.
So i can deal with every light thats not in the list.

Because Sunstar and the RUIQI LASER (RD-350) and the Jumbo strobe are not in the list.

So do you have a programe or any profiles for this?
I recently bought the Galaxian 3D and the Fusion FX Bar 4, and now I just got a myDMX controller. When I look through the Profiles list, I can't find either one of my 2 devices. I am new to this and therefore having them are necessary if I am going to be able to use the myDMX. BTW, I did download the latest adj-profiles file, but I didn't see them there either.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

thank you for the support.

the list is as i've show you above. For the moving head.
Mouch more could i not find because the manual is very cheap/confusing.

Jumbo Strobe MKIII DMX
The new JumboStobe MK3 DMX is a very powerful 1500 W Strobe unit in a professional compact housing. This Strobe can work as standalone, but it's also controllable by each DMX controller. It is possible to adjust the flash frequency and the dimmer from 0-100%.

Technical Info
• Freqency: 1-12 Hz
• Standalone mode
• DMX-512 (2 channels)
• AC 230 Volt, 50 Hz
• Lamp: 1500W
• Dimensions: 530x100x120 (LxWxH)
• Weight: 2,5 Kg

Above here is for the jumbo strobe mk3

And the laser.

And this is the laser

But once again the manual is not very clearFrowner

i hope that you can help me with that information.
OK, sounds fun. Since you're new to making profiles, let me make a couple of suggestions:

First, do take your time and don't rush. Of course, chances are you'll probably be like that anyways.
Second, do test it a lot, including "Real world" if you can. If the "real world" matches the 3D Visualizer, you're probably in pretty good shape.
Third, should your testing not be as "productive" as you hoped, please do contact again here and see if Jingles can go over your profile and see where any mistakes might have been made. It's too easy for beginners to make mistakes.

Best of luck to you on your profile making. I hope it goes well for you. I applaud one more MyDMX user making the attempt to make their own profiles. Here's to hoping many more also try to make them on their own as well.
My turn for a request.

Really, using generics isn't sufficient.

I want to incorporate my HiTech FX. Stuff like the older Mystic, Sunray III, Vertigo and stuff like that. I don't really need much for visual representation outside of an ON beam or NO beam.

I want to use 1 DMX channel. I want values 0-254 to be OFF, showing an OFF icon, but I'll accept something else. I want 255 to be FULL ON.

The lights will be connected to PP-DMX20L's

This way, when I'm programming, I don't have a fade. Plus, when the people using this over the weekend are using MyDMX, it's a good representation.

I'll be experimenting in the meantime. I think I see some problems with other profiles I've made but I'll jump into those some other week.

I need this one ASAP, but I can in the meantime get by without them. Thanks!

Might contact you via IM once things calm down at my house. This profile won't affect my show since I am giving manual control over these "specials" to the stage MC's and DJ's.
I was SO close. I was doing too much work and over-thinking it. I'm testing it right now. Should be fine. Thanks.

I do see two things I'd like to see in MyDMX that I'm not sure would be considered feature requests.

1: Have MyDMX be able to recognize NEW profiles added while the program is open. At least, exit the add/remove screen, theng et back and start over on the adding new fixtures part.

2: If I could assign a new profile to an existing fixture. In my case, I am using High-tech FX stuff, so I WAS using a generic. Now I want to switch to this new One ON/OFF profile you just made. Fortunately in my case, my advantage is that I have yet to assign any value data to those channels.

OK, time to go back to playing and make up for all that lost time I had. I've made no real progress today, but I still learned something thanks to that new profile.
I need help! I'm sorry that I need to waste your time with this, but can someone explain how I go about getting a profile for my new myDMX, so I can use the included software to control these two devices:
Galaxian 3D
Fusion FX Bar 4

And my second question is, why wouldn't everyone's profile requests be posted onto a web page so everyone could find and download the profiles they needed without being a burden or reliance on anyone from this forum (unless of course they are the one making the first profile request for a particular device).

From what it looks like, in order to get profiles, you are suppose to post a reply to this Profile Request thread, listing the devices you need them for. Then some mysterous amazing wizard comes out in the middle of the night and secretly e-mails the profiles to you?

Is the wizard backed up at the moment, because I did the above on Aug 21, and I am no closer to using my myDMX then I was when I bought it a couple weeks ago.

Can someone pleae point me off in the right direction? -Thanks!
For one most of the newer lights are available on the my dmx webpage as a .Zip file download. Yes I am that wizard and I sent you the profiles you requested on the 22nd of August. Check the email inbox that you used to sign up for this forum. If it didnt go through check your spam folder just in case. Or if you dont have it at all email me James k AT American DJ DOT COM with the email that you will receive the files at.
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