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Hi forum,

I'm a fairly new user of MyDMX Go, but we did succeed in receiving MIDI clock from another app through Ableton Link and also receiving MIDI notes from either an external pad or a MIDI track. However, when we play the MIDI notes 58-62, the buttons get activated but the whole app freezes, and sometimes the MyDMX Go hardware itself also crashes and needs a hard reset (in the middle of doing a gig!!!).

Can someone tell me how to trigger those flash button notes from a MIDI note without crashing the whole system, and also tell me if ADJ is still providing new updates for stabilization and improvements?

Thank you in advance.

BR, Rasmus, Denmark

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Hi what model iPad are you using to trigger midi? MIDI triggering is only supported on iPads not android, and even then some iPad models may not be supported.

also we DO get updates for the app as often as the Light Rider developers release them, sometimes LightRider gets an update first and as its being tested and stabilized, then ADJ myDMX GO app will get that update a few weeks later.

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