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I'm thinking about adding a Midi controller to launch scenes. I've seen people here using The Korg Nano series controllers and a lot of suggestions on the MididCon. I'm really considering a APC20 to Launch my scenes. It has a 40 cell bank that I can use to launch my shows. For only $150, I think it be a good buy. What are you guys using, and how do you like it?
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DJ Access - The only midi controller I've tried out is the Korg NanoKontrol. It works great - however there are some driver issues that they are working out. It currently doesn't save midi commands and I had it crash on me a couple of times. It works PERFECT for what I was wanting to do with it. Just currently have some setbacks. It really all depends on what level of control you're looking for. the Elation MidiCon is an AWESOME controller and from I hear it works flawlessly with MYDMX 2.0. It's just a little pricey. I've done experiments in the past with the original MYDMX and I used a Novation Launchpad to trigger light scenes. I haven't been able to try that yet with this new one. I'd imagine AMDJ is working on making most midi controllers compatible, but seeing as the software is so new, there of course will be setbacks. I'm curious to see who else replies with controllers that officially work. Ideally I need 8 faders.
DJ and Matt,
MOST midi controllers will work with MyDMX 2.0. The issues that people are having is in the software bugs that we are working out of the program. I personaly live by my MidiCon, but i am also kind of partial :-D any great input would be awesome as to what you all have used, how it works, any issues, any unexpected great things, etc etc.... glad you like the software...
well I tried to use my Akai MPK25 but for some reason it wasn't working very well. I was able to control the software with the controller but when I tried to make another scene I would lose my previous scene I just did. I wouldn't save the scene all the time. I unplugged the Akai and it seem to start working fine I think.. I really haven't been testing it that long.

This has actually been the first time I have had any time to play around with the new program. So I am not sure if what I was experiencing was because I was using the controller or if there are just still bugs in the software.

Though I would really like to be able to use the AKAI MPK25 as a controller because it is small, Lightweight and I already own it and I don't want to have to buy any other controllers.

The software did crash on me as well so that was kind of a bummer, but I will keep testing it over the holiday weekend. If anyone from ADJ could let me know if the controller I am using is going to work in the long run and if the program will be stable soon.

I think the program has the potential to be really cool, I just think ADJ probably released it too soon. Though everyone screaming for it didn't make it easy on ADJ, though maybe they shouldn't have displayed it during NAMM.
I am trying to use Midi to control My DMX 2.0. Here's how. If anyone has experience with this and it seems stupid let me know. I'm brand new to DMX lighting.

I have a MAudio 49 key keyboard.

I've programmed "C" to control a scene "D" to control another scene etc. I've got 8 scenes currently.

Using the keyboard and My DMX 2.0 is pretty much flawless. However here's what I want to do.

I have both Logic Studio 9 and Garageband. I'd like to drop a song. In this case "Thriller" into the recording software and then play the keyboard with the song. This works great until I tell either software to record the midi track. At that point MyDMX 2.0 becomes unresponsive. It also starts randomly firing off scenes in the user list.

I've seen videos of logic controlling DMXIS on youtube so I know this is possible. Futhermore it was from a core2duo macbook pro. I've got an i7 Macbook pro with 8GB.

To note I've been using Garageband as well but it doesn't support midi out to another program unless you download and install an Audio Unit called MidiO. This seems to work for about 15 seconds until I get response issues.

My goal is to program a halloween show with a playlist and let either Garageband or Logic 9 send midi controls to the DMX lights so I can walk off and leave the show running while I hand out candy to the kids.

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