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I just picked up a Q-FX19 the other day and totally love this mixer. There doesn't seem to be much info or reviews about this mixer. I'm just wondering if anyone else on this board has this mixer and what they think of it. I downloaded the videos from the AA site and they were a huge help with all of the effects. Does anyone else know of any other cool tricks that can be done with it?
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There was a "Preview" review done on And it was quite positive. BTW I'm just north of you in the Pocono's. If you ever have any questions or problems concerning any ADJ/AA products, or would like a demonstration on one of their products. Send me an email through the forum, and I will be sure to hook you up.

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I'm finishing up a comprehensive review on this mixer. I can say this much now, this unit is an incredible value!! American Audio has really outdone themselves in the bang for the buck with this mixer! It offers Major League performance at a Little League absolute best buy for anyone wanting the features found on many of the much costlier units on the market...and hands down the coolest display on the planet...yeah, I'm impressed yet again to say the least.

Look for a full review soon at and it will likely be posted on the review page here shortly after.

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Originally posted by Support:
[qb] I'm glad the videos helped. We worked hard to get it right. The unit is easy to use. The auto sync makes you look good you can even echo out of one song and start another on the same CD. [/qb]
ur making it wayyy tooo easy for us Big Grin .

Soon adj will probably take out a setup which doesnt even require a dj... Roll Eyes
A BPM counter is just a tool. Granted they are not always accurate, depending on the music being played, but some are pretty darn close. Having said that....The best feature of the BPM counter is to sync the effects to the beat of the music, which actually works really well. Especially for the "Delay" and "Echo" effects.

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