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hi. i have a american dj green laser. a simple one. with mic, and volume controll.

i have used it a few times.
but hven i plugged it in today. nothing happend. the fan, motor and the laser would not come on. the fuse seems to be ok. and the light on the power button is on.

what can be the problem? sorry for my bad english.Smiler
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Welcome to the forums.

Don't assume the fuse is fine via visual inspection. I had a fuse blow on one of my 64 LED Pros and it appeared fine, but when I ran a volt meter a few days later on it, it was in fact DEAD. I ordered new fuses from ADJ, problem resolved.

The light on the power button doesn't necessarily indicate a bad fuse or not, depending on where it is wired. Usually though, if you see that light, fuses are often good. It's hard to troubleshoot that. Bad transformer? Or is this an external transformer? Have you cracked this fixture open and taken a look inside? Maybe a connection shook itself loose. I would find that to be unusual mainly since ADJ tends to use connectors that lock, latch or otherwise should not be expected to shack apart. Yet, things can still happen.

Where is your location(country is fine) and have you used the fixture in your country before. Reason I ask is that I've seen people take stuff from, say the United States, ship it to, say Vietnam, and when they plug it in in Vietnam, the magical blue smoke escapes because nobody flipped the 115/230 switch to 230 on the PC power supply(true story). Somehow, I get the impression that this sort of thing doesn't apply to you.

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