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Hi Guys, My ADJ Airstream DMX is showing that it's connected in my iPad Wifi setting, but When I lanched the AirStream App, It keep saying: "No Connection! Airstream Bridge not responding. Make sure bridge is turned on and Wi-fi is set to bridge network"  In my iPad WiFi setting, ADJ Airstream DMX  is set as my Wifi with a "check mark". Any help will be appreciated. 

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Possible reasons:

The app has been set to think you are using an external network so the IP settings are wrong.

The IPad is connected but it's a poor connection due to other networks or wireless DMX in the area. For this you would need to change the wifi channel on the bridge by connecting with USB and using one of the config apps.

I am having the same problem and it came out of no where.  One week it was working fine and the next it was not working at all.  Coming into the Christmas season, it's pretty important that I have control over the lights for my church stage set up.  I can't get the app to connect to see what firmware version I'm running.  I am not sure I know how to see what network or ip I am running.  Can someone help?

I am having this similar issue and it emerged from nowhere. Multi-week it was turned out great and the following it was not working by any stretch of the imagination. Coming into the Christmas season, it's pretty significant that I have authority over the lights for my congregation stage set up. I can't get the application to associate with see what firmware rendition I'm running. I don't know I realize how to perceive what arrange or ip I am running. Would someone be able to help?

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