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Hello I risently bought 2 vizi beam 5r's ,and I just cannot get them to focus..

All the gobos shapes are very blurry ,every time I point the lights to the wall the gobo shapes just don't look good at all , and I cannot get the focus..
I am using My dmx 1.0 and I was wondering if any of the channels does the "dmx focus" or the lights have some kind of "auto focus mode" or some like that ,I read the whole manual and did not get any info in the topic,it only mentioned some kind of "MANUAL FOCUS"but never says where,and how to do it..
I even called ADJ assistance but the guy did not have a idea , and he suppose to call me back with the information and I still waiting..

Any how I really need to know if some body here knows how to focus this units ,because the gobo reflection on the walls are terrible ,I also have some accu spot 250's and this unit you can adjust the focus and the gobos look so sharp ,much better than the Visi beam 5r..

Any ideas????
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