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Hello to everyone, All of us here at ADJ liked all of your posts. but we were able to pick the top 3 winners. and they are in no particular order........
Los is stealth, Progmetallighting, And DJ panda'monium! congratulations to you three you get a ADJ or American Audio polo shirt in your choice of a size and Also a free banner that you can add a JPEG pic to and we will print it out on the banner with your name and the ADJ logo on it aswell.
But wait.......... There's more. As a bonus cause ADJ likes our customers and appreciates them, Every single person that posted in the contest thread will also get a free banner that they can customize like i just mentioned above.
so what i need from All of you is your shipping addresses and the JPEG picture you would like included and if you were one of the top 3 I need your shirt sizes. So please email me at james k At american DJ DOT COM with a subject line of ADJ contest winner and i will forward your info and pic file to our team and they will get right on making your banner.
so congratulations to all of you and once again happy holidays and thanks for sticking with ADJ
Sincerely, The Staff at American DJ.
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Our team got totally sidetracked with the huge NAMM show we did in CA. Check out the video.
And so none of the banners have been worked on yet. And we apologize for this. So To All that i announced or posted in the contest thread please re send me your info and ill just double check to make sure i have already forwarded it along. OK? So let me know. Again my email is James K AT American dj DOT COM

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