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Apologies if this has been posted before. I have inherited some cheap and cheerful DMC LED Par lights (Model WKP-S12Y) which I think possibly came from - They work fine in stand-alone mode so all the LEDs are ok. However, when I plug them into DMX (even just one light into the controller (MyDMX Buddy and myDMX 2.1 software) I get nothing, I have tried dozens of different SSL fixture profiles including one which matches the channel settings in the info booklet but with no joy. I have also created a fixture profile myself from scratch, copying the 8 channels as per the booklet. Still nothing.  Other lights work fine on my rig, however I just cannot get them to work on DMX- not even random flashes. All I can think is that somehow the mode is wrong. Details of the lights are in the attachments.

Thank you


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