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Is this forum run by users of ADJ products or by ADJ. The reason for my query is because I noticed so many queries that have been posted with no replies given. I've dealt with ADJ customer service and was left with a good opinion of them so was intending to stick with them for my requirements through the year as I upgrade some of my equipment. However, if it turns out this is their own forum then they need to offer more support to the queries. If it's privately run then maybe admins need to offer something more in the way of support.
I'm not allowed to mention of companies (So much for the AMerican way and freedom of speech) but another company I used lost my business after their lack of support. So I now like to see what a company is like before I start handing over thounds of pounds of my hard earned money.
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American DJ and American Audio own and run these forums. These are not end user ran these are company ran. Sadly we just don't have the amount of audio techs available on the forums as we used too back in the day, so support for that can be a bit hard but we do our best to answer posts. I am only a Lighting Mod as I am not an American Audio Employee, Just American DJ.
I hope this helps.
Thanks for the response. I think ADJ are letting themselves down by not monitoring their forum closer. It's hard to get good customer but so easy to lose one. Going through the post so many go unanswered. So I ask myself how many customers have you lost. And remember for every customer lost they will tell 10 others of their experience.
If you look at my other post I have problems with my radius 3000 and as it's duplicated on both decks I'm assuming it's a possible batch issue as the firmware upgrade didn't resolve it. However, for my use it's not a major issue.
On a slightly different note, do you a marketing department in Europe? I'm in the process of organising a world record DJ club marathon and I'm looking for sponsors. It's early days as I'm still waiting to hear from the Guiness book of records. All proceeds will be going to Cancer Research

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