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One of the lasers made into jelly would be brilliant.

Obviously lasers are dangerous in the wrong hands, but i recon with a bit of haze or smoke around one of these with laser beams not only coming from the lense area but also from around the unit would be absolutely brilliant.

I remember about 3 years ago i had one of the very first KAM laser that came out and like a fool i didnt connect to the truss correctly and it fell to the ground and smashed the top of the case off and well i never got it fixed cause the effect was amazing it was like i had a multi beam fanned out laser behind me and the lense area still worked.

Well, I wouldn't want to see a moving head fixture or a scanner get the jelly treatment. But my whole thing are SHOWS and not DJ-type stuff. In a DJ-type event, it can be beneficial to actually have those jelly effects up on the trusses and stands. Not a true "2 in 1" sort of thing, but a neat idea either way.

For me, I prefer lower profile. I don't want to bring attention to the light fixtures more than necessary. I don't mind people KNOW that something is there or even what it is or even what it is doing. I just don't want to bring excessive attention to it because for what I do, it would be a distraction from what people need to focus on.

I'm sure those who want a jelly version(or not) would pay the little bit extra to make sure they get what they want. I also doubt the extra cost would not be a deal breaker for most folks.
there hould not be a price increase because the lights need a housing anyways, and like you say that it is not a true 2 in 1 light at all. yeah, I see how it might not benefit you, but the truth is that the jelly series doesnt do much anyways (my opinion). the true 2 in 1 lights are those which have the extra set of white LEDs that strobe, and eaven those really need to be alot brighter.
as a matter of fact, it might be a good idea for ADJ to talk to us "the pros" to see what we would like and how they can improve on their products. just a thought.

I'm sure those who want a jelly version(or not) would pay the little bit extra to make sure they get what they want. I also doubt the extra cost would not be a deal breaker for most folks.[/QUOTE]
What is needed is:

An LED Mover that can function as a spot or a wash, with remote controllable focus(through DMX of course) and some way to have infinitely variable colors, not a color wheel. Maybe some sort of LCD screen to do the RGB color mixing, over a bright white LED element.

It would also need to support a gobo wheel, gobo rotiation, gobo indexing and gobo bounce.

Heck, toss a prism in that too!

ALso needs a scanner with many similar functions. Would be nice if it had a dual-sided mirror so it could go from single mirror to barrel mirror model. But I don't see that being super easy to do from an engineering point of view.

As far as housing, in some instances, high impact ABS plastic can be more expensive than steel or aluminum. It can sometimes be more durable and stronger too! To really take advantage of the jelly effect, you'd want more rounded shapes, rather than hard edges, so it would require a re-design of the case to be more visually pleasing/interesting, but no real changes would be required of the fixture. To determine if there would be any price differences would be up to ADJ sales team.

The other reality is that this industry is full of copy-cats. If any ONE company does something, they'll all end up doing it anyways. Still, someone has to be the leader. I also DO see a market for "jelly" fixtures, which ranges from mainly mobile DJ's, but also to smaller clubs, schools, people who throw house parties, small event halls.

I've even got an idea for a church one. You can have the jelly have it's OWN element(s) to light it up, with a SINGLE aimable/moving element on a sepparate light source. Light up the jelly, then SHOOT the beam!

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