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I want to buy the MXR 14 and have some pre-purchase questions:

Can I map everything I mean everything with Ableton? I read somehwere that I can only map 2 channels there.

Can I use all 4 channels with ableton/usb audio? Like use it as a midi and soundcard, with 4 decks in ableton.

Can I have the sound from ableton, 4 decks and use the built in analog eq and filters? Like will ableton be able to split the sound signal on the 4 separate channels on the mixer?

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nearly all buttons, knobs and faders are midi mappable (only few exceptions), however, i'm not into ableton at all, so i dont know if there are any quirks with mapping there, but normall, there shouldnt, since a midi device alone is just doing nothing besides sending midi messages. the "magic" is then done by the software. i mapped it in traktor and had no issues and cant report any unusual. hope this helps!

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