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I thought i would share my experiences so far with my vms4

Ok i got this as an all in one solution and have used it for 3 wedding parties..

First two went fine, although the microphone audio quality is rough and distorted Frowner

Last gig i did everything seemed fine at first, however i needed to rip a cd for the first dance & sadly this put a real spanner in the works!
Because windows media player uses whatever sound card is possible by default, it managed to steal the adj sound from traktor and so when i went back to traktor i had no output whatsoever - despite the fact that the driver was availible and selected!!! Boy was i stressed out and so were the bride n groom. Ended up having to do the entire gig using windows media player which sounded distorted and not loud enough. Was absolutely fuming afterwards but have now learned that windows media player can be configured to your built in laptop soundcard under the preferences so make sure you do change those preferences. I forgot to mention i cant seem to prelisten to tracks within the traktor playlist browser anymore, any tips on that would be useful. For now, i am considering to return it due to these issues but wanted to point out that its essential you set windows media player to use your other soundcard not your vms4.
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Well first of all, for something as important as the first dance, you should have known in advance what song was required, and had your own copy of it, already ripped.

Second, why did you "need" to rip it at all?

You could have just played it directly from the CD.

Third, ripping a CD should not involve the sound card. If you use a decent ripping program, it'll get copied digitally.

Oh well, I guess you learned a valuable lesson, and so did your customers.

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