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How will you be planning to have this unit work with Scratch Live?
If the input selectors of the midilogs are on analog, does that mean that those channels may not be used for midi mapping?
Scratch live and SL3 require three analog inputs to run 3 decks or 2 decks with sp6 sampler.
How will all this work without sacrificing midi assignment of all the buttons?
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Well the buttons are still going to have midi finctions. When switched to analog, the mixer section (eq bands) are analog, so that they dont control the eq of the software anymore (if i understand it correctly). So when in analog only the eq band is being used of the VMS4, the rest of the buttons and knobs are still midi. At least that is what I understand of it.
I really hope your right because this product promises to be exactly what I need in conjunction with a Serato SL3 box and one or two cd/multi media players.

Currently I use the Rane MP-4 mixer with Serato built in and a Stanton SCs.3d controller as an extremely efficient setup. However I just purchased the SL3 so Im looking for a dual purpose mixer/midi option.

Hopefully a moderator can explain how this will work and American Audio should also include the Serato Scratch Live Template from day 1 of release.

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