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Can someone PLEASE post a mapping that works correctly? I've been sitting on this VMS4 and have been reluctant to bring it out. I use my RMX. The headphones seem to follow the cross-fader. I can't hear the cue in the headphones. Doesn't seem to matter what my audio settings are in VDJ7 nor what I map the cross-fader to. I have been able to map deck 1 to Channel 1&2 and deck 2 to Channel 3&4. Then setup my headphones to use build-in from my laptop. That's kinda hoakey if you ask me.

I hate to flame, but American Audio/DJ you pretty much only tested this thing with Traktor as it was supposed to be shipped with it-- then last minute things change and you send out VDJ with absolutely no testing. Being a software developer, I know this isn't a proper way to deploy a new product. :-S. *Sigh* $600 sitting here doing nothing while the toy-like $300 RMX is doing the job minus a few of the fun extras. Sad panda!
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The correct settings to use all of the 4 decks in vms4 for VDJ7 Pro: (try it) 1st: Set the skin to 4deck 2nd: Go to mapper, type in at the action learn tab CH1_PFL deck 3 select, CH2_PFL deck 1 select, CH3_PFL deck 2 select, CH4_PFL deck 4 select. 3rd and last: Advanced Configurations deck1-asiodriver-output 3&4, deck2-asiodriver-output 5&6, deck3-asiodriver-output 1&2, deck4-asiodriver-output 7&8.
I have the same issue and DJ Torch I have no Idead how to do that.

I got VDJ7 and I got the skin and most the buttons works execpt the 3rd channel witch is the volume for the right side. I have no IDEA what im doing.. can some on help? I did download the midi mapers but I have no idea how to install them . I placed them in the mappers folder in mydocs>VDJ>mappers..

any help would be great...wouldn't want to reffert back to virtual DJ LE ...I cant take my players to work and work on my music.. lol

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