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Anybody know the quickest fix to get external recording to work with my VMS4, using Traktor Pro S4 software?

Closest thing I could find is this link...

Makes sense I suppose...Not sure if anyone else has experienced this same situation with that setup, and if it actually fixes the recording ability within the S4 Software.

Internal recording was actually recording, however the levels were extremely high for each channel, and the end mix sounded nothing like what was coming out of the master/booth outputs during the live set...

Any advice would be appreciated!
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Because the S4 Controller is an overpriced plastic POS...That's why...NO Balanced XLR outputs, and I'm just not a fan of the price, mainly.

For the price of the S4 alone, I was able to purchase a brand new Dell 17 inch laptop with an i5 processor, and the VMS4 as well.

I like Traktor, and was able to get the new S4 software from a friend who did not wish to upgrade from Scratch Pro...Which is what I used previously as well.

We didn't realize that since the S4 software is "Controller Based"...NI did not set it up to be able to record external mixes at all...I even went through the TSI file configuration change in the link I provided earlier, with no luck.

So I gave up on using the internal recording in Traktor and connected my master output back to my laptop line input, and just use Audacity to record...Luckily I have monitor speakers in my setup, so my main stereo speakers are not even needed really, unless I want extreme volumes.

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