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Dear Support Team!

I have got a VMS4 which is only working half. All the analog channels seam to be defect. The MIDI control works, as far as I checked, expect the fader and crossfader. I noticed that the device was supplied with a wrong power (9V instead of 5V).

Is there a typical defect, if somebody made that mistake?

Can you support me with a schematic? This would help me track down the error.

best regards
Robert Grasböck

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If SB made the same mistake too and used a wrong power supply.

I repaired the mainboard by myself.  The defect parts were:

  • 2 x CS5340  ADCs Chips
  • 3 x CS4270  Sound / ADC Chips
  • 1 x TPA6111A2   Phones Amplifier chip

The chips are still available in electronic stores. Luckily no other parts where damaged, since they are powered by 3.3V over voltage regulators.

I got the schematic from the support team. 

best regards, Robert


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