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A few weeks ago I purchased two new Vizi Beam 12 RX lights.

Today I noticed one lamp had a bulb that would not strike. Here are some facts about the light that is not working:

Vizi Beam 12 RX:

- Has 60hrs of run time

- Max Temp on head has recorded 178 °F

- Error Log says, "Lamp On Error"

On the menu screen, the lamp will occasionally say, "Lamp Powering On", but then it never does.

I have opened the light up to inspect the bulb. Everything looks fine, but I'm not an expert on inspecting these style of light bulbs.

Does anyone know where to download the current firmware for these lights? The firmware I am running is: CPU-A V2.2

Before ordering an expensive replacement bulb, I thought I would ask this forum.

Thank you in advance!

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UPDATE: The bulb was bad.

It is very alarming that a brand new bulb had burnt out within ~55hrs of run time.

I switched the bulb out from my second Vizi Bean 12 RX that was working.

New Problem: Where Can I Purchase Replacement Bulbs?

Since I can not find a replacement bulb that is the exact recommendation, would it be possible to use a similar bulb? The bulb I am looking to install is rated for a higher wattage lamp. I'd like to know if I could use the following bulb in the Vizi Beam 12RX Fixture: MSD Platinum 14R 280W

My instinct tells me that installing a higher wattage bulb may damage the Vizi Beam 12 RX fixture, (so I thought I would ask).

Most online resources do not have this bulb in stock:

MSD Philips 12 R LL Capture


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