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The Velocity uses two scsi-looking cables to connect the controller to the player.

I would like to know where I can possbibly buy the components to make these cables are have some custom made. What parts do I need? (cables and connectors)

The reason for my question is that:

One of my cables is occasionally bad (I tested it on both players, it IS the cable) and I'd like to not have to deal without my Velocity for a few weeks.

Also, I would like to make a modified version of the cable where the connectors are at 90 degree angles (instead of straight out) to conserve room in my box and so that the controller can fit right above the player without bending the cables/connectors badly.

Thanks everyone.
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I'm glad someone brought this up. I just got a Velocity and it came with a free Mixer and Case and boy the SKB case is lovely but the cables makes it hard to install the controller over the cd unit. Is there anyway AMDJ can make optional cables for the Velocity for us people that dont have enough space to work with in our cases? I think if the cables were like the ones that you use in a PC to connect each drive to the motherboard would easily fix the problem. I love my Velocity but it'd be much better with thinner cables.

I was kind of puzzled when I first hooked up the unit without the case on a table and there's 4 rubber feet on the bottom of the controller. But there's no way you can set it on the table flat because the cable connectors sticks out further way more than the rubber feet on the unit. It would be nice if they take this into consideration soon and come out with some new cables to replace the original ones. Cause honestly, I hate knowing that one of these days these cables are going to go bad on me in the middle of a gig from the pressure that I'm putting on them just to mount the unit flush in the case.

Thats the picture of my brand new Velocity. Just got it in the mail yesterday. Big Grin It was taken without the cables hooked up and the real setup that I have now is with the control at the bottom and mixer up top. Wish I had an extra rack space so I can just move up the mixer and controller then the cables would be free from bending it so bad. Oh well, the tech support guy told me that they do the same with their test units or whatever and they had no problems with it. I'll keep my fingers crossed on that one! Wink
Here is a standard setup up.


  • 2 sets of RCA's
  • 1 Power Cord
  • 1 Cable from remote to transport unit
  • 2 "Q-start" cables (optional)

  • Total = 6 cables

2 Single units

  • 2 sets of RCA's (1 for each unit)
  • 2 Power Cords (1 for each unit)
  • 0 Cable from remote to transport unit
  • 2 "Q-start" cables (1 for each unit)

  • Total = 6 cables

The math doesn't lie.
Originally posted by Support:
[qb] actually there are 2 control cables on a dual for a total of 7 Big Grin [/qb]
For the Q start? I said 2 for the qstart. On all of the dual decks I have ever owned there was only one cable running between the players and controllers. Then again, I guess you should send me a 1000, or Velocity, so that I may see for myself. Big Grin

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