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I saw an earlier post regarding this, but couldn't find it again. In the case of a Chauvet 4Bar with 4 sets of RGB channels, if I want to select a color using the color wheel on cans 2, 3 or 4, it sets the color for can 1 only. Do you know when this will be fixed? It's a real pain having to touch three faders every time I want to select a color for a can on the unit other than the first one.
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I don't understand. This unit has no 12 channel mode. It's a 15 channel unit. The RGB sets are 4-6, 7-9, 10-12, 13-15. I want to set a color to each individually. If I grab the color wheel for set 13-15, it changes faders 4-6 instead. Basically, there's no way to use the color wheel when a unit has more than one set of RGB faders.
OK, I see what you want me to do now. Basically, abandon the 4Bar profile and create 5 pseudo fixtures:

Fixture 1 - 4Bar Control (3-channel)
Fixture 2 - 4Bar RGB Can (3-Channel)
Fixture 3 - 4Bar RGB Can (3-Channel)
Fixture 4 - 4Bar RGB Can (3-Channel)
Fixture 5 - 4Bar RGB Can (3-Channel)

Seems hacky, but I guess it will work.

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