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I'm hoping you can direct me. I'm a tech junkie setting up a backyard DJ light show for my daughter's birthdays. I have the ADJ low lying smoke machine and will be buying ip65 PARs in addition to other fixtures - I have 2 betopper LM80 spider fixtures. I will not have a DJ table setup. I have a Control4 home automation system. We use siriusXM, amazon music, apple music as the audio source and ideally want to connect to whichever hardware running mydmx go app(ipad app running on mac mini or PC/chrombox using android emulator) with a direct line-in audio feed. Based on the feedback I've read (and watched on youtube videos) it seems like I shouldn't rely on the mic on an ipad for sound to light. Plus I'd be worried about leaving the ipad out around a bunch of kids while the show is running. I know I can use something like the irig2 and plug it into the ipad for line-in source instead of using the ipad mic for sound to light. See question below but if the adj mydmx go is in station mode then if I kept the ipad with irig2 in my basement then the hardware should receive the dmx control signal?? I have outdoor wifi APs with great signal to where I would install the go hardware.  If I went the route of emulation then I would use something like TeamViewer to RDP into what ever hardware is hosting the myDMX go app to control it.  I've read that I can install ipad apps on a M1 mac-mini and control the mini using apple protocol (like Microsoft RDP) with an ipad (if I ever had to make a change to a show in real-time).
I would use the MyDMX go in wireless station mode to connect to my home network that the mac mini/PC/chromebox (adj software host) is ethernet connect to. Is there other ADJ hardware that would allow connection via ethernet/USB but still allow the simple myDMX go software? ? my DMX3.0 hardware?
The point of all this is the desire to keep all the DMX control equipment in my basement AV equipment rack (complete opposite corner of my home from the light location in by backyard) and I plan to run a 100 ft DMX cable thru pre-existing conduit into my first fixture in my back yard (if station mode doesn't work). The rest will be daisy chained. I'm looking for a set-it and forget-it setup. All my shows will be based on sound-to-light from the audio in. I shouldn't need to modify the show while its running.
Summary questions:
  1. Will this work - using the ipad app on mac mini or android app emulated on a PC or chromebox?
  2. Which ADJ hardware would work best for me - mydmx go or mydmx3.0 or other?  I've read that the GO software can be purchased for the mydmx3.0 hardware. Would this use the simple to use DMX go app?

Sorry for the long post. The party in a couple weeks and I need to start buying equipment to get this running.

My inspiration is the Rink of Dreams in Toronto - check out their instagram or yourtube

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Hi, I also saw this same question sent to our support line, and they sent it to me, but it was a busy day.
but in short, as long as the GO can connect strongly to the iPad it should work, doesn't matter where the GO hardware is in relation to the fixtures as long as a cable is connected to lights it will work. 100 feet is a bit long for somethin USB powered, so i always recommend a DMX Splitter, but I think this should work.

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