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I am wanting to create an interactive installation piece and I wondering if anyone can help me with some information please.

I want to be able to move an image from a video projector along the floor in an x/y plane using a DMX-512 controlled mirror, so that the image follows a person around automatically within a given space.

Does anyone know of any DMX tracking software?

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hey marco welcome tot the forum. the closest i can think of that might be related to tracking software would be a featue in elations compuware but i am not completely sure about this, i know there a follow spot operation of some sort but don't know if it would work for ur type of application. i will ask around though and hopefully might have an answer in a day or two. peace! jingles!
here is what someone from elation hd to say bout ur question. "This is a frequently asked question, and the best answer I can give is that it is possible, but very difficult.

The Compu Live spotlight feature will work in lining up a group of fixtures together and focusing or moving them on a single position.

The difficult part is the variables involved in using a remote spotlight, such as smooth pan and tilt movement, hard stops on an individual point, and the persons ability to accurately execute a real time followspot effect on the controller.

As far as automatically following a person on the floor, there used to be a few really expensive DMX tracking systems out a while back (none of which we have made), but Compu Live cannot track someone in 3d, there are again to many variables involved.

Hope this helps.....

Michael Giardina
Elation Lighting"
hope that helps at all. if u need anything else let me know. peace! jingles!

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