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Hello, First time poster here, so I apologize in advance for my inexperience on these boards. So anyway...

I bought a Topaz lighting effect in, oh say, late July. I took it to a gig about 5 days later, and the bulb fails to light up. The dish and the glass wheels were still spinning, so I narrowed the problem down to the bulb. So anyway, I took the bulb out and, well, I really wasn't expecting the bulb to be burned out already, but I couldn't rule it out as a possibility.

Ok, so I open the lid and remove the bulb, and as I had suspected, the bulb wasn't burned out. I reconnect the bulb, and viola, my Topaz works again.

Ok so, this last month, same thing happens, so I take the bulb out and inspect it, and it looks fine. I put it back in and it still won't luminate. But now I look at the two wires that connect to the bulb, and they are completely frayed and one is literally connected by a single strand of wire. But, obviously, because it is encased in a clear, plastic sleve, I cannot access it, and well, I can't think of any way I damaged the two wires.

So I guess my question is, has anyone found the wires on their Topaz to have been frayed and damaged? Maybe I just got an issolated Topaz with faulty wires, but I was just wondering if anyone else found them selves in the same position. And If so, what did they do to remedy it. Thanks.

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