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So now that Skilz is gone who is going to make the videos and show the world what the latest cd players are capable of. Ok I will start by talking smack.... Big Grin The new face they have on the website is a female.....she doesn't look like she is a good DJ..... Big Grin She looks like another so called pretty face. I haven't heard of her before. She probably doesn't even know about this forum. Ok I'm calling her out to see if she is worthy of Skilz spot. Of course I know this thread will get read and you'll get a little laugh and move on. Come on people let's get things going again. Oh and anyone notice that all the videos work now on the main site. There is nothing of the new gear though...what a shame. Maybe Stevie could hook something up. Just my you can go back to surfing the net Cool
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Replies sorted oldest to newest I don't believe it.

Are videos really needed for the new gear? MP3 playback shouldn't need a video tutorial. Besides, you and I both know the PS2 is the player that needs more attention/updates. Oh how I enjoy the PS2.

I agree we need to get things going again. I'm up for anything.
Well someone correct me if I'm wrong...When Skilz left they put some girl dj up on the American Audio homepage as if she was the new sponsored Dj. My point with new videos is show us why we had to get the CDI series as a replacement for the Pro Scratch 2's. I still play mine as well. Just at home though as they don't like to overheat. I still love them for some reason though. I wonder if there is any other software updating possible. i know when I had to send my players for heatsink upgrades my software was updated each time. I am stirring the pot so to speak with whoever the female dj is. We all know that American Audio is going into a different direction for the dj. Once again why didn't we get a c304 model with slot load capability and wide screen LCD like the Pro Scratch 2? I think I'm done with American Audio products until the next generation emerges. I have recently decided to go with DZ1200's Eeker to replace the PS2's. I know what you are thinking.....but I'm tired of waiting for the next item to come out. Nothing else really appeals to me. I figure why not since I have a pair of SL1210 mk2's now. I'll keep you posted on them once I get them if your interested. Cool
First of all,sorry about the DJ Ham Sandwich, I cannot seem to get that changed. This is Tom the Audio Manager. DJ Dust is a local So Cal DJ that brings alot of energy to the trade show and very personable. She plays local clubs here and, if you were at NAMM, you could see she has a big local following. She plays many local clubs and specializes in Techno, Dance and Top 40. As far as Video, we are laying out the next batch of Video right now. We are working on the Velocity MP3, CDI 500 MP3 and a few others as well as a host of new products. We have expanded our offerings in the areas of speakers, amps and CD Players. The new CD Players are a great value and offer tons of key features.

Thanks for your support.
Ok Mr Hamsandwich.....Tom. Does that mean she is too busy to share some knowledge with her fellow Dj's. Maybe she can introduce herself and we will make her feel right at home. As far as videos and new gear...we don't hear from people who make the big decisions. We don't hear what is going on with American Audio. You say new gear is coming our mention cd this in addition to the cdi/mp3 series cd players or are those the big push right now. We have been sitting here dreaming up new cd players and mixers as far as options we would like to see not what American Audio would like to see. Long story short we have been waiting for a long time for something different and the cdi/series does offer a lot. I don't think you made the Pro Scratch 2 better, especially since it took you two tries to do mp3. I will be patient and hopefully will swallow my words in that American Audio has lost it's edge. Oh and local artist I live here in San can a brother be down. I would love to beta test gear and give my input. Cool
So is there a female here or not? Big Grin

I'm with you tigrsharc1. I was tired of waiting for the next big thing, I replaced my PS2s with cdj800s. I don't plan on getting rid of them, but for now they have been unplugged and stored in their cases...tucked away for another day.

Question for Tom: If you plan on using local and regional DJs at trade shows, how familiar will they be with AmDJ equipment? The club "standard" of cd players is most likely what these DJs will have the most experience with. Will they be given any training on features? I ask because I'm curious and wonder where I can sign up for this training if it exists. Tigrsharc1 can hold down San Diego, and I'll step up for the midwest. I would love to put new gear to the test.

Calling out DJ Dust...stop by and say hi
There you have it people. I'm willing to rep the west. I've supported American Audio/American Dj since 02'. I have a gang of gear and would love the opportunity to show new gear to the community. I bring what I want to use to club. I used my Pro Scratch 2's for 2 years at home and then right to the club. They are still set up in my studio room at home. I now use the CDJ 1000mk2's because they suit my needs better. They didn't and don't have the issues that PS2's had.....heat, reading cd's, freezing. To this day they do that, but I still love them. They just won't see a club again. We are here Tom we have been looking for a reason to get things hot. GIve us a chance if it's possible. Wink Cool
Guys I had a Chance to see her at NAMM. She was very personable and could provide a great mix. Also was alot better looking that skillz... LOL..... She knew the gear and keep the people watching her entertained. While skilz was a great guy the partnership went sour and DJ Dust did a great job at the NAMM show... Saw Skilz there as well and he had nothing bad to say about her or American Audio. Time change and people change at companies give them some time and we will see the videos and prob even be able to see more as Skilz had a heavy schedule to work around.....
Ultimately what I would like to see is more crowd participation from the reps higher up. I have nothing against the young lady you all have described. I was hoping we could get her to come on occasionally as Skilz did and talk with some of the people. Personally I don't need a pep talk but people would like to feel like they aren't alone in their investments. I will sit quietly and wait........NOT Razzer ....I GOTTA MAKE NOISE LIKE I ALWAYS HAVE BECAUSE I WANT US TO HAVE FUN..........that is all Big Grin Cool
man I really been gone too long.....WHAT HAPPENED TO SKILLZ?? WHEN DID HE LEAVE AMERICAN AUDIO? nobody even told me, and Skillz came to a party my entertainment threw in Germany Last year. To me he will always be THE MAN....I just wanna know what happened to such a great DJ!!!!

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