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I'm having real difficulty using these forums. They simply aren't intuitive enough.

The "lightbulbs" for new content are very random amnd rarely accurate. They also report new content even if it's my own last post!

When you open a thread you are always presented with the first post on page one which means you have to navigate your way to the next unread post manually.

New posts are not marked as different anyway which means you usually end up reading the whole thread again regardless!

The topic title should not be crammed in to the left column. Make the title span the table row with the other information underneath. It will make things easier to read.

Can we also now split this down in to more specific sub forums?

General Discussion
Using/Config The VMS4
Tips & Tricks
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I've read that thread and I agree as it's very easy to drift off topic and raise random subjects.

That's why it's good to apply some structure early on. For example, as a VDJ user, I'm not overly interested in the Traktor posts and I'm guessing the same is true the other way round.

Having sub folders for each application will help and will save us sifting through threads. Especially where a generic title may be software specific!

It's also getting quite painful now with the longer threads when you are dropped at page 1 and then have to click through to the last page and then maybe back to the previous page.

Hope this helps,


I have just joined thid forum as an ADJ equipment buyer, and to be honest I am also finding it very confused and difficult to find relavent information without wading through unrelated topics.

As an observation I would ask the Mods/owner to consier:-

1) Software products are more dynamic/unstable than hardware products and as such are more likely to generate forum traffic.

2) The increasing use of software based products means that site traffic is therefore likely to continue to increase significantly on such products.

3) Due to the use of what appears to be an "inclusive" search engine to find related topics (one that picks up any reference to any word in the search field), the ability to objectively search for specific software based product topics is very confused.

I therefore suggest that to aid customers/members that the following are considered:-

a) Introduce higher level software product specific topic folders, with a top section for mods/ADJ to give upgrade and maintenece announcements by product. This would typically separate MyDMX from MyDMX Go etc.

b) Possibly review the option of introducing a second or replacement "exclusive" search engine that only finds topics that match all the search criteria, or at least identifies and prioritieses where all search criteria is not met.

I realise that the second option may well be limited by the Forum engine, but would welcome any movement on suggestion a).

Finally is there anywhere specific to look at where we are with MyDMX Go issues and bug fixes, or are we going to have to switch to Lightrider?

Thanks for reading... Clint

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