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Okays we all seen the hints of the new VMS4 and that it will be launched at NNAM so the question is to American Audio

Have you cured the problems from the original VMS4 ie the mic problems (still waiting for my fix in the post ) the low voltage out puts causing distortion on low power rigs no cure offered just swept under the carpet (the mobile DJ this was aimed at) if so is this why version 2 is coming out and more to the point what are you going to do for the poor version 1 owners that are suffering with the problems i have a controller sat here that was trouble from the word go and i wont gig it because of heck its a door stop including the VDJ software being missing from the box 3 days to fix after a row with the vendor and AA a fader clicking and is not usable and a couple of the eq knobs wobbling more than a drunk after asking about it ith AA eu by email i was told there was nothing wrong so a few months after release you supersead it wiht a new controller with all the problems fixed realy not good for your reputation if you dont look after the previous VMS4 owners problems and we will have to loose alot of money selling our now devalued VMS4 mk1 to buy a new VMS4mk2 just to be able to use it live ????
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I have two of these units now , and I do not have a problem with them . For the mic solution you can hook up a line matching transformer to it . It's a bit of a inconvience , but you half to hook your mic in anyways to the mic port . As for the low voltage thing I'm not experiencing this at all , can you explain this to me ? I have talked to American DJ i'm not sure if there feading me a line or not , but they say they are not coming out with a new unit.
New unit is being announced at NAMM on the 13th tomorow you can win one in there whats in a name competition seen here with BSR now let them tell you there isnt a new unit ???

as for the low voltage i think maybe its just some of us experiencing it im running a 1.4k mobile rig and you have to crank the mixer to get the output up to get any volume thus causing distortion my pos beringer mixer was cleaner and had more go in it than this running my rig more than happily
as i said because of the corporate work and high end weddings i do i cant gig this controller unless run through another mixer to boost levels and give me a better mic input wich defeats the idea of the VMS4 carrying and setting up less gear iv sent for the fix and still months later not got it so all my VMS4 is a pritty ornament in my studio at home i cant return it as the vendor has washed his hands of any responsibility so im stuck with this Frowner just looking down the supplie of goods act to see if trading standards will deal with the vendor for me unless AA come good to us all with the old VMS4
i think we (the owners of the vms4 v1) should wait for an official answer from AA. this product is updated to a new edition after only six months or so. it means that the company has located and admitted all the faults of the unit and tries to stand among the competitors (dn-mc 6000, s4, Numark NS6 and Pioneer DDJ-T1) by correcting them and raising the overall quality of the unit!
but all of us who bought the vms4 shouldn't be ignored by AA.
we DESERVE an update to the new edition and we should claim this right!!!
I was about to buy the VMS4 last week untill I saw the Traktor edition was coming out. is reporting that it will be $599, and will be out in late March. Is that correct? Will the output and microphone issues be corrected on this model, or is it the same internals with Traktor mapping and silkscreening? Also will the mapping for the VMS4 Traktor be available for current VMS4 owners to import?
The problem is they are dealing with professional guys here not just bedroom Djs that rely on this gear to earn a living there for we are awaiting and awaiting and awaiting an answer to these questions meanwhile we cant use the vms4 and all i have is a very expensive £399 doorstop that is devaluing meaning if AA dont fix the problem that we arnt gonna get the money we paid out for it in the first place on resale we need an answer as to weather the issue is going to be delt with so we can make an educated decision as `to weather to hang on and have a darn good unit soon (wich tbh we are probebly all hoping for) or just cut our losses and sell it but the longer we wait the more AA is damaging there credibility with the people that buy there gear and trust it and the more we are loosing in hard earned money £399 may not be alot to a big company like AA but the market for the mobile DJ is tight and hard enough to earn money at times to start with without having to loose money on gear
besides the fact that writing a section this long without using ANY kind of punctuation marks makes it REALLY hard to read... you're exaggerating big time. me and countless other DJs have been successfully used the vms4 in a professional environment.

points for improvement are taken by ADJ of course, but still: so far you get a darn good value for your money.
Ok Firstly no need for the attack on the way i write unfortunately im dyslexic meaning the only reason its readable at all is thanx to a spell check

I Brought the VMS4 as the all in one solution to make transport easier but now having to carry a second mixer to boost levels and give me a usable mic input kinda defeats the object hence the VMS4 not really being usable to me may as well have stayed the way i was ( i cant see an over exaggeration there) i cant comment on others findings but it you refer to it being used in a professional application in club environment then yes there is headroom to cover the low output levels in a mobile application or in my case there isnt you could say go out and buy another amp but again this adds to the cost
I haven't slataed the VMS4 for its value and as i said above would be a darn good unit if the teething problems are solved i just think that the question over the levels has been asked and we haven't had an answer on if anything is been done to rectify the problem apart from we cant comment at this time from the moderators (wich i can understand its not there place) we would just like some input from AA

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