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Hi, i'm new here, so sorry if this has been covered before?

I play guitar in a band, and we run 4 moving head spots and wash lights, along with a couple bar lights. We run the show using the 3.0 dongle in standby mode with 7 presets/ chases on. I manually change presets on the arrows on the dongle to change scenes for various songs.

My question is...what is the best way to change these scenes via a foot switch? I don't want to bring a computer to the show, i just want to change scenes on the dongle using my foot, so i can still play guitar?

I guess Midi requires connection to a tablet or computer running the program?

So, is the Dry Port Method the best way to go? Can i run it by this method without the need for a computer on stage? What foot pedal do people use with this method? And, what functions can i control using the Dry Port method?

I can't seems to find much information about Dry Port operation, so any help is appreciated. I'm not even sure that i can operate the dongle via a foot switch, without a computer being attached?

Many thanks


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