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Hi Marbun,
I found these definitions on the internet:

What is Standalone?
A standalone device is able to function independently of other hardware. This means it is not integrated into another device. For example, a TiVo box that can record television programs is a standalone device, while a DVR that is integrated into a digital cable box is not standalone. Integrated devices are typically less expensive than multiple standalone products that perform the same functions. However, using standalone hardware typically allows the user greater customization, whether it be a home theater or computer system.

MY COMMENT --- Clearly MyDMX is NOT a stand-alone device. There is no way to store a light show in the "box" and turn it on to play the show back on its own.

Standalone can also refer to a software program that does not require any software other than the operating system to run. This means that most software programs are standalone programs. Software such as plug-ins and expansion packs for video games are not standalone programs since they will not run unless a certain program is already installed.

MY COMMENT --- yes, other than the computer operating system (XP, 7, MAC, etc.) the program is standalone, no other programs or plug-ins needed.

Whoever wrote up the marketing language on the American DJ website for this product failed miserably in understanding how to communicate this point. It was a mistake to use the term "stand alone" with this product. There are other competitors that sell similar DMX controllers which do in fact offer versions that will do stand alone operations as a device - and on those types of products you will see 'buttons' or other trigger mechanisms that allow you to operate the light show stored in the box's circuit without needing a computer connected.

Sorry --- but MyDMX will not do that under any conditions.

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