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Dear ADJ Team,

i hope you can help me, i bought a used MY DMX 3.0 Interface, when go to Log In, there is written that the DMX controller is already registered, i dont need any special updates, just the normal Software which is running with the interface and the Software is included for my understanding.

When i connect the interface, the software is saying offline (Demo Mode) and i cant select the Interface in the Settings in the DMX 3.0 Software. And also i cant run a Firmware update.

Can you help me to solve that issue

Thank you in advance
Christoph Walz


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Hi, if you are using the latest June 2021 software, just open up hardware manager which you can find by going to C:\MyDMX3\HardwareManager
and run the program and let it upgrade the firmware.

Also i noticed you are using what looks to be Windows 7? or Vista?
We cannot promise support for such older versions of windows...... we support windows 10 for sure, maybe it's time to upgrade.


thank you for youre fast answer, but so far as i know ADJ DMX 3.0 ist running under WIN7, so why youre saying is time to update:-) never change a running system.

see attach the pictures, i cant run a firmware update, internet is connceted, but what i said the Interface was bought as a used one and is registrerd what i can see to a person already.

thanks again and good day


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