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I am having great success with the WMX1 now. (I am veru much a beginner with DMX) I only have two types of fixtures on it. Group B: 4 Mega Par Profile Pluses (MPPP) and in Group D: 4 Meg Hex Pars (MHP). When I go to colour to change colours it's always a straight cut to the colour change. Can I do dissolves? For example: If Group B is all blue can I dissolve Group B to Amber instead of a straight cut? I can't figure out how to do a simple dissolve like a 1, 2 or 5 second dissolve.

I would like to be able to Dissolve group B and D simultaneously or separately.

Are Dissolves possible, and where do I go to initiate them and or set the dissolve rates.

These answers will truly change everything for me.

Thank You for any advice. Brian

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Dissolve isn't a lighting term? Hmmmm. Ok. how about transition? let's say I have a par that is blue. Now I want to transition the blue on that par to the colour red. I don't want it to happen in the snap of a finger, I want it to happen slowly and at full intensity so that while the transition takes place, the colours actually mix with each other. So I'm dissolving one colour into another colour. This can happen at different rates. Quickly, like a straight cut or in 1 second or 2 seconds  or 5 seconds.  Should I be saying FADE?   So one colour is fade out while the other colour is fading in and they are mixing, transitioning from blue to red. I hope that makes more sense.

So how do I achieve that on my WMX1.

Any thoughts are welcomed.


A preset is storing what you've done between the Static buttons and the move, beam and color effects parts, once you've played around with them and you get something you like, you go to the Presets side and hold Shift and then tap on an empty preset to store that look to that preset for easy recall.
Make sense?
Watch a few of my videos, maybe they will help?

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