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One of our mighty scans has an issue. when I enable strobing on with the shutter the shutter blade will gradially go off position until it starts tapping the side of the case ( very loud and annoying ). I have already ripped this fixture apart and tested it with my stand along DMX tester, and it still did this, so we can rule out any faulty DMX cables. I also checked the alan screws that keep the shutter on the axel of the stepper motor. They were tight. At this point I think it could be a bad stepper motor. Any thoughts?
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How come you just don't email service your questions by now? haha. You like making me forward your questions to service myself huh? lol. The forums really aren't the place for service needs. But I'll send this along to our service manager and he will get back to me or post a reply. which usually is call them and have the unit and the serial number handy.
I already contacted support, asking about a replacement stepper motor. This is the response I got.

Unfortunately if you do not see the item it means we no longer offer that
part nor do we offer a cross replacement. Many of the parts for that item
are no longer available since we discontinued it years ago.

yet when I search the parts catalog I find a lots of similar parts that look just like the one I need to replace. I am waiting for a response from service / parts / support if any of these would work.

I explain my problem on here because others might be having the same problem, and everyone benefits.

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