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I just received my software and hardware package and am having a setup problem. I am trying to get my fixtures ( 2 dj spot 250) to rotate randomly. I'm sure its due to my inexperience. I am a novice when its comes to dmx. I was able to get the color and gobo features to work however I am not able to get to the random rotation. I have the fixtures hooked up master & slave. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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That's the problem right there. Master/slave doesn't exist in DMX. You can group fixtures together to behave pretty much like that though.

You don't use Master/Slave mode on MyDMX. You set them for DMX operation. Check your DIP switch positions and power cycle your fixtures once you've assigned your addresses. MyDMX has a "DIP SWITCH" cheat sheet to show you how to set them for the locations you want to set them.

Not 100% certain, but unles the fixture has a DMNX setting for random rotation, the 3D Visualizer isn't going to animate that.
Hey dan jingles here. welcome to the forums. your lights do not have dip switches. they use the red LED dispaly so leave take the master and slave settings off. and assign the first head to a001 the second to a007 and if u add any more fixtures start the first one at address a013. what chris said was true the software has a dmx cheat sheet built right in. ill post a pic. here it is. any more questions feel free to ask!


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