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Ok... (Chris)took your advise.... I set up a number of light scenes... assigned midi/synthesizer note values to them, and programed light shows for 3 songs... 93 to go!

I use laptop 1 holding the midi sequencer (master tracks pro) it runs into a midiman 2X2 where port A goes to drums and port B goes to laptop 2 which houses myDMX... All works well... so far I have only had lights flash on and off in appropriate places throughout each song... now I want to set up fade in/out from scene to scene... but of course seting a fade to last x number of seconds is not appropriate from song to song and location to location, unless you dedicate specific scene set ups for those particular places...

Can I just assign note values to the myDMX channels associated with master brightness, then do crescendo and decrescendo to fade from 1 scene to the other?

For instance, assign midi note C1 to run the master fader channel on a particular light... have the light scene come up, then use midi velocity to bring up/down that fader until the next scene comes up?

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Well.. I tried this, and if I did it correctly, it does not work.

I made a scene where I programmed 1 fader to respond to the musical note C1.... I then programed my software sequencer to play the C1 for 8 counts and set up the velocity to gradually increase from 10 to 127 over that 8 count period... the light did not come on... Frowner

I guess now I'll have to program 8 to 16 versions of each scene that I will want to fade into each with an increased velocity... thenanother batch for fading out... and I guess figure out hos to fade out of one scene into another at some other point in time...

Ideas still very much appreciated....

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