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OK, it's September of 2009. I kindly request that those who need profiles post to this thread so that way requests can be quickly found and responded to quickly as well.

Of course, other profile requests outside this thread will be found and honored as best as possible as if posted to this thread, but it may just take a little bit longer.

Happy entertaining!
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Need profile for Double Tunnel Blue & Red Laser.

Channel Function Value Description
CH1 Mode 0~49  Close,laser off      
50~99 Sound active mode
100~149 Auto mode    
150~199 Static patterns of DMX mode
200~255 Dynamic patterns of DMX mode  
CH2 Pattern Select 0~255   52 static/dynamic patterns  
CH3 Position-X 0~255 Adjust position-X
CH4 Position-Y 0~255 Adjust position-Y     
CH5 Scan Speed 0~255 0 is speedy,255 is slow
CH6 Dynamic patterns play speed 0~255   0 is speedy,255 is slow .include 10 grade speed   
CH7 Static pattern size 0~255   0 is small, 255 is big

Thank you.
Hey Jim, have an idea for you.

Why not make a thread with all the additional fixtures you have already made any sticky it? This way people can look at that and make requests for fixture profiles you have already made there. This will hopefully keep the traffic down with regards to the re-posting of fixtures already made and there DMX charts.
I have made profiles for the Q-Spot 150 in all it's various modes. I'll be doing more thorough testing this weekend at my event since i'll have time to check it out during downtime on Saturday and Friday.

Is that what you're asking for? I can scrounge them up and make them avaailble. It's just, I did some changes to my fixtures(not inverting anything) and I need to confirm what I see in the 3D Visualiser is what I'm getting. I'll be able to have a long testing period on Saturday so I'm looking forward to tweaking.
That would appear to be valid for my profiles that I made for the Q-Spot 150. I'll go hunt them down from my custom profiles area and see about putting them on my web site in a .ZIP file. They work for me, let me put it this way, but I will have a better test this weekend when I use them for Warp 11 on Friday and 2 other bands on Saturday since I'll have most of Saturday available for testing.

I think since I'm mounting my lights with the AC cable and fan facing out and the display facing in, I don't have to reverse the pan anymore, so I think I'm fine with with the profiles now.

Give me a bit of time, say, Tuesday morning. I'm working on getting like 11 DVD's authored and burned in as fast as I can while at the same time trying to get extra rest. But, it will be Tuesday for sure since those are on my laptop and I'm not using that computer at the moment to help speed up this DVD thing. I could, I'm just not.
Sorry about the delay on the Q-Spot profiles.

I went from a 120-hour work week to a 140 hour work week(that's 7 days a week, 20 hours a day, instead of 6 days like that) and have been slammed non-stop with one thing after another and I have a show I am leaving for in 90 minutes.

I'll try to honor the request on Monday morning. I won't be able to email as I will be taking down my mail server in an hour for the weekend to stop those spammers from a free run of abuse to me. Since most spam is coming off zombies(moving to zombies forwarding to real servers who will hold and deliver), I should avoid almost all spam during the down time.

REMIND ME!! Or I will forget.
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