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Hey Guys,

first of all - im a german guy and my english isnt so well. Hope its enough to understand

I have Scenes that controls  mutiple fixtures/device. Different LED Spots und LED Bars. For Example: A LED Green chaser or LED BLUE Chaser that set all Devices to the same color.

Now i want another Szene, that "overrides" the other szene without killing it. For Example:  During the LED Green Chaser i want a Scene thats sets one specific spot to RED. This Spot should only be RED, no mixed Color. The other Devices should continue run the LED Green Chasers. And when i change a Scene in the LED Chaser Group, lets say to Blue, the one spot should stay at red.

HTP and LTP in live mode doesnt work for this. Red stays on the specific spot yes, but the specific spot shows the other colors of the LED Chasers too.

Another Example:

I have Scenes for LED-Spots an Bars. Here are also Uplighting-Spots in there. In another Group i have seperate Scenes just for the Uplight Spots. I want the seperate Scenes for the Uplight Spots to "override" the other Scenes. If my costumer at a party say: The Uplight-Spots should stay at a color and not run the Programm from the LED-Scenes, i want to press one button , so that the Uplight-Spots stay at one specific fixed colour, witouh interrupting the other LED-Chaser-Scenes.

Thanks for repliy

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Hi, its really all about layers, but having more than 2-3 can get a little tricky in MyDMx 3 as scenes are split into groups as well. If you want something that's already "on" to be off, you need to keep it on but have it go to 0. If you want only certain parts to over ride, then only the pixels you want to listen to the override need to be on, rest off.
also one method if triggering a bunch of different layers at once is in this video I made a while ago:
This video is sort of the best practice for programming layers on MyDMx 3 and triggering them easily together.

Thanks for the quick reply and the Link!

I'd watch your Video,thanks. But Theres nothing new to me I know how to handle with Layers/Cue's and the on/Off Values of DMX Channels.

My Override works fine, but only until i Switch the Sequenc that i Override. Im sorry i cant explain it better (i havent the words for it). I attach a Video. Hope ist getting clearer want i mean

Many thanks!


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I think I see one issue, in some scenes you didnt have ALL the color mixing channels "ON" in that scene, you need them to ALL be on in each scene that uses color so some don't mix together like they do in your video.
when programming layers of things, you need to sort of make a rule in your head that this group ONLY has ALL color mixing channels ON in their scenes and in this next group only dimmers on and in use, and once you do that stick to it, once you add small different channels into groups that aren't for dimmer or color that's when things start to layer badly.

Hey, thanks again for answer.

youre right that i didnt set all color channels on. but this doesnt effect to my "problem"

No matter if all color or dimmer channels on...if a scene locked for release or something like that....  as soon as i switch a scene, mydmx get the values for a fixture from the last scene that was clicked.

But i want a Scene, that always overrides values for a group of fixtures (Up Lights), also when i change a sequence scene, where values for the Up Lights fixtures in there.

So to say.... almost a scene that you manually set to a higher priority. That tells mydmx: "If this scene is on, please get the values from this scene and ignore all other values from other scenes for this fixtures, even if the other scenes change

hope it is clearer now

Thank you, but your way doesnt work for that what i want.

Here is the problem.
With LTP oder HTP i cannot set to a "higher value", when i need a Channel thats on value 250 to be off/ at value 0.

Say i have a running Chaser with all Color-Channels on at value "0" except für the Blue-Channel (for example set to 250)
I want to override the running Chaser with static Green via LTP in Live-Mode. LTP work for the green- and red-channel, but not for the blue-channel, because the override value "0"   isnt higher as the Value 250 from the running chaser.

Also - when i override the running chader with a static scene from another group it  works, but only lasts until i change to another chaser

See short video attached


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