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Hi everyone, newbie here. New to the dark arts of DMX! I recently bought two used Robe 160xt spots and two 150xt washes.
I have installed the software on my MbP and addressed the light. I have tried selecting each of the three different 160xt models listed and there is some functionality, but not much.

The tilt and pan sliders work, but everything else seems totally mixed up. In the scene setter, I can't open the shutter and switch the light on. If I click on a colour, I can see the gobo moving!

I've done a reset on the lights and it made no difference. I've tried searching the web, but have got no further forward.

Can anyone point me in the right direction please? I would really appreciate it!
Many thanks
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Hi Jay,

Thanks for your reply. I loaded the software on a windows laptop and used the part that allows a profile to be manually set up. I followed the addresses as listed in the instructions for the lights and now have more functionality, although the Mydmx editor settings still don't seem to work too well. When you mention the dmx address on the lights, do you mean the A001 etc? Thanks Andy.
Hi Andy,

The A001 is the bit I'm talking about, yes. This relates to the DMX channel which it starts communicating on. Ensure that the channel on your lights relate to the channel which your fixture is assigned to within MyDMX. If it does, it sounds as if there may be an issue with the profile?

Also, check that your light is configured to use the correct number of DMX channels. Some lights allow you to select the number of DMX channels which they utilise.


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