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I apologize to those who have made phone calls recently requesting help.

I've had a recent influx of non lighting and non-audio related calls, which are for the stuff my company does during the day. So, please be aware that money takes priority. Unfortunately, many of you will NOT receive call backs. Time is a premium right now, so I have to prioritize on who I do call back.

The call volume today has been 80 calls so far and my day isn't even halfway done yet. My problem will be billing and collecting on these calls. I already know I'm losing money!!

This means many people asking about MyDMX will NOT be getting the telephone help they are requesting. Some might. It all depends on timing, mood and availaibility. If you don't get a call back, don't take it personally, I'd prefer it if you'd email me instead via my web site and web form via the Contact us link. It goes directly to me.

So, thanks for the calls. Email is prefered. I'll do what I can when I can. I can usually do stuff via the forum when I'm on phone calls because get lots of periods where all I have to do is wait around for people to reboot things or otherwise do processes very slowly to ensure they are done correctly. I also deal with emails all day.
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Well, it's not that I don't mind the phone calls, but right now I'm dealing with data comm issues. I went from like NO calls to hundreds of calls a day in the past couple of weeks.

I'm getting calls mainly on MIDI and MyDMX type stuff. I'm not getting the beginner calls. All the calls have been tied to MIDI and MyDMX.

What this is telling me is I need to make a document complete with pretty pictures so that it makes things as easy to follow. Even the advanced people can take advantage of a well done document with images.
I've thought of trying to get a hold of you to ask you questions reguarding engineering and mixing, but I realize you might be busy. I suppose people should realize that you are not just sitting at home on your computer all day relaxing, but I am aware of your helping nature.

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