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I recently bought a DMX OPERATOR
2-Venue Brand LED 64 6 channel par cans
2-ADJ PROPAR 56 RGB 7 channel par cans

I would like to use them together to provide front and side lighting for a band. I have learned that on the dip switch modes I set can #1 to 1 and can #2 to 17
The two Propars have a digital read out would I try to find 33 and 49 or is there another way to find the addresses.
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Yes, you should set both Propars into DMX mode and set the address of one to 33 and the other to 49. Thre is no other way to set the address on the Propars than to use the digital display.

BTW: when you are setting the propars up on stage be sure not to plug them in until they are where you want them to be and pointing where you want them to point. It' is suprisingly easy to accidentally change the mode or DMX address on the propars by inadvertently touching the buttons while you are setting them up if they are plugged in.

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